How to renew the computer?

How to renew the computer? Topic: How to renew the computer?
June 19, 2019 / By Marlen

Question: Is there any way I can renew my PC..meaning the hardware cleaning and renew the software...generally have my PC back like crystal new? My computer get slow and I want to delete absolutely all the files that I downloaded then make my computer new like clean and its like newly program, u know. Help Please!!! If you said that I should reinstall Windows XP, here's the problem, when I download something, run the file then a window will pop up saying "Open With" and telling me to choose files to open that, but where could I find the file? I mean, I dont have yet the downloaded file. omg! If you want please talk to me at [email protected] .. add me and talk to me concerning this pls.

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