Honda civic! if you're a car person, please?

Honda civic! if you're a car person, please? Topic: Honda civic! if you're a car person, please?
June 19, 2019 / By Kermit

Question: i'm looking to get a 2012 honda civic lx. i'm checking in to the consumer reports and all over the internet (emunds, kbb, etc) to see what other people think of them..... they all say don't get it! their reasoning is stupid- nothing mechanical, nothing malfunctioning. so, can someone PLEASE help me understand? the car has been out for a year, so i figured there would be more reviews than that. (last i checked, the 2012's came out in august of last year o.O) consumer reports says they're too low to reccomend. their reasons are less than great- cheap interior. road noise. long stopping distances. (who cares? i don't drive like a maniac, and the stopping distances are shorter than the stopping distances in my current car) steering is lightly weighted and comes up short on feedback. (what's that mean????) body lean. and "The ride is marred by frequent short pitches" (what's that??) my goal with a car is to get to point B from point A. what's so wrong with these issues? while the car is still relatively new, nothing is actually wrong with it. why should i stay away from this car, if cosmetics aren't that big of a deal? ....i don't think the car is hideous. i don't mind that it's small. however, the inferior materials thing.... i would buy a cheap, used "bucket"... but i already have one. thanks :) my current bucket left me stranded 100+ miles from home. it's got to go. it's been in the shop 3x in the last 4 weeks. i'd rather have a car payment on something reliable than a paid off "bucket" that i can't trust to get me home.

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