Too much power for my subwoofers?

Too much power for my subwoofers? Topic: Too much power for my subwoofers?
June 24, 2019 / By Gretchen

Question: I am planning on getting 2 Fi BTL 15s, Fully Loaded, Daily, and put into a Ported Enclosure. These will be powered correctly, with the Big 3, AfterMarket Alternator, and a aftermarket battery if needed. What i am asking is this amp too much or too many watts for 2 Fi BTL 15s? Rockford Fosgate T40001bd Mono Amplifier 4000 Watt Amp? The Fi BTL 15s are rated at 2000 watts rms each, and this amp from Rockford Fosgate is 4000 Watts RMS. and will be powering both of them. Is this too much? I want them to sound great, be loud, and listen to them daily without any problems. Please fully explain, or let me know if i will need anything else. Suggest other amps if you would like to. Thanks!

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