Would you vote for me?

Would you vote for me? Topic: Would you vote for me?
June 23, 2019 / By Alise

Question: Still a work in progress, but here it goes -National Gov.- Fiscal (Domestic) 13 % National Flat Tax States have the ability to levy any other form of taxes Fiscal (International) Congress has the ability to negotiate and set trade rules and restrictions against hostile countries. Vital products such as food and energy are subject to protectionists policies. No international trade organizations which would compromise this ability, though general principles of laissez faire capitalism would still be the rule, just not uncompromising law. -Foreign Affairs- NATO was designed with a specific purpose which has been completed, making it outdated, thus a new military alliance should be established to replace it, consisting of America’s fewer but truer allies. Reduce participation in international organizations and treaties. Pay back debt owned to other countries. -Health care- Since any blanket plan that covers a political region as diverse as the entire US would be inefficient, states have the sole ability to set up any system of healthcare (private or state government) for themselves, designed to meet any special needs or unique circumstances of the state. -Welfare- The form of such would be limited only to unemployment (which requires 7 resumes sent a week, and effort to regain a job), disability (those who physically or mentally can not work), or temporary welfare for those with jobs who encounter "bad times", the service lasting more than 6 months, no exceptions. General welfare will be replaced with workfare. Where the state provides jobs that are made for the unskilled and the work is generally unfavorable, consisting of manual labor, contract work, creating state use only items, or environmental work (city/beach clean up projects), pay would be based on results. There will also be more feminine related jobs for single mothers to participate in instead. Half the wages will be held by the state in an account for the participant once the individual leaves the program. ¼ of the wages will be paid to the state to supply shelter, food, water, as well as educational or skill based programs to the individual. The last ¼ is free for recreational use. Drug use is not permitted while on the program. -Social- Abortion, euthanasia, gay marriage, and other social items will be decided by the states via propositions -Crime- No automatic repeal in capital cases (you can still repeal for mistakes and flaws). Electrocution and other forms of punishment brought back and allowed if desired by the state, sentence carried out within 3 years after sentencing (for all new cases, not older ones). Length of incarceration for all non capital felonies need to be reduced, while removing TVs, weight training equipment, coffee, and any other luxury items that are not conducive to reducing recidivism. Saves money with fewer years of incarceration and less required commodities, the money saved can be pocketed or placed into rehabilitative programs. Establish a law enforcement agency that routinely patrols both borders and oceans. -Immigration- Ban on all immigrants who possess incurable infectious diseases or excessive/violent criminal records. To assure greater integration and to prevent societal marginalization of immigrants, proficient English is a requirement. Expand work visas for all law abiding and hard working immigrants. Increase the quota for Mexican immigrates. -MISC- Get the US back to a factory/industrial based economy, by whatever means possible. I didn't change or cut unemployment from what it is now, I have no current suggestions for any modifications for unemployment, so the current system that operates under Obama is what I would still operate under, until I can figure a more apporpirate meausre. I merely suggested a replacement of the welfare system. Please don't put words in my mouth.

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