Is it unhealthy to HATE HATE HATE my ex?

Is it unhealthy to HATE HATE HATE my ex? Topic: Is it unhealthy to HATE HATE HATE my ex?
June 19, 2019 / By Tucker

Question: You have to understand, my ex completely destroyed my life. He bullied me into moving out of the city and into the small town he lived in. The move was very stressful, and I got no help from him or his parents, and I was forced to quit my job in the process. With no means to support myself, my life was a complete and utter disaster and failure, and I don't have supportive parents either. I begged my parents to let me move away from him and help me move back home, but they refused to help me. He was very abusive -- not physically, but emotionally. He was always telling me how stupid and ugly I was, and as a result, I was declining mentally because of his constant abuse. He told me I was a terrible driver, and I developed a fear of driving as a result. He had to drive me everywhere, even to the grocery store, because I was too afraid to drive. Likewise, I bought a used car on my own -- the biggest purchase I had ever made in my life. He told me I had bought a "terrible" car, and was always asking me, "When are you gonna sell that car?" He was just a total @sshole to me. He and his parents were always insulting me for being too poor to afford health insurance, and as my bad luck would have it, I ended up getting very sick and needing to be hospitalized with no health insurance. He and his parents thought this was hilarious, and made a ton of jokes about how I'm going to be paying off the hospital bills for the rest of my life. They likewise made jokes about my illness, because I deficated on the floor multiple times before the ambulance came to take me to the hospital. His mom asked me if it could be AIDS, which I thought was so inappropriate. Seriously, I hate him. He's an ugly, fat, worthless unemployed loser with no friends. He and his parents had no life outside of me, which explains why he and his parents were so obsessed with every move I made. I seriously wish nothing but terrible things to happen to these people. Is it unhealthy to hate these people after the torture they put me through?

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