Buying the HP Pavilion M9265, is it good?

Buying the HP Pavilion M9265, is it good? Topic: Buying the HP Pavilion M9265, is it good?
June 23, 2019 / By Siward

Question: Hi, I'm thinking of buying a desktop computer for gaming(Age of empires III, Medieval II Total War, Call of duty 4 etc..) , School work, Internet browsing, watching DVDs, MSN etc.. I need something which is powerful and will not give me complications. Something that I really can't do is build my own, I'd rather purchase one. I need something with good RAM and Graphics card, a good processor would be good too :P. I saw a HP Pavilion Elite M9265, it's got: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 3GB Memory nVidia GeForce 8600GT Graphics 750 Gb Hard Drive It costs £800 on its own and £960 with: Norton antivirus 360 All-In-One Security 2.0 Speakers, Surge Protector, Cannon All in one Printer Microsoft Office 2007 Home and Student But apparently Norton isn't so good, so what should I get instead, Kaspersky? I'll be downloading AVG aswell. --------------------------------------... Could you advise me on good or better deals, your opinion etc. more info the better :P Could you give me a good review website, I know CNET but that's it. Thx very much!

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