Change from Win XP to Ubuntu?

Change from Win XP to Ubuntu? Topic: Change from Win XP to Ubuntu?
June 24, 2019 / By Eliphalet

Question: I'm getting sick of doing virus scans and cleaning everything with utilities in windows. I want to change netbook's OS from XP to Ubuntu but i have a few questions. Is it much more speedier than XP or not? My XP boots in about 50 seconds and only utilizes about 150Mb of page file when it starts up. i want to know your experiences about speed with this one. I have a program called Virtual DJ and I know it can't be used in linux, but are there alternate programs for mixing audio on it? I hear ubuntu/linux is mainly for developing so im not sure about the software. Do i need to use utilities in ubuntu like i have in XP to defragment hard disk or delete unused registry items or delete temp files and others of the liking?

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