Neighbors screaming baby?

Neighbors screaming baby? Topic: Neighbors screaming baby?
June 24, 2019 / By Christopher

Question: I have lived at this townhouse for the last six months. My husband and I moved here to go to graduate school. Everything was fine until six weeks ago when the neighbors had a baby. Its summer here and these townhouses don't have any windows downstairs. The only way to keep the place cool is to keep our back door open. The neighbors also have started keeping their door open all the time. For whatever reason there is no escape for us from the neighbors screaming baby. All day long, from 9am to 11pm I am forced to listen to their baby. If their door is closed it keeps the sound out, but if left open it can be heard by the entire neighborhood (I talked to other neighbors). After this went on for a few weeks I tried to talk to the neighbor but they wouldn't answer the door. I then talked to the apt. manager and asked her to simply explain how bad it really is. The apt. manager talked to them and it was better for a few days then they went right back to leaving the door open 24/7. The female neighbor sits outside and talks all day on the phone while her boyfriend plays video games and the baby screams. I overheard her saying crazy stuff about me and my husband and saying weird racist things about my husband, like racial slurs about Mexicans. The weird thing is he is not Mexican he’s Swedish but that’s beside the point. At this point I went to the manager and told her everything that was happening. She wrote them a letter or written notice. The neighbors of course did not do the normal thing and apologize and close their door they took it as a challenge and have now started screaming stuff out their door at us, and filed a complaint with the housing authority about discrimination from the apt manager. The apt manger doesn’t know what she can do since they are playing the baby card. They are extremely loud and disruptive and we get zero peace. All we want is them to close the door when the baby starts crying but they are so unreasonable they won’t. We are in a two year lease and if that wasn’t bad enough these are the only nice places to live in this small town. To give you an example of how loud this is we have to turn our TV. up to a level 35 just to be able to drown out the sound, normally we watch it at a 15. The place gets so hot that we can’t close the door; it easily gets over 90 in less the 30mins with the door closed. This is causing us a ton of turmoil because there is no where we can go to avoid the noise. I should state that we have put up with a lot prior to this: 3am music, sitting outside all day blaring country music, barking dog all day/every day while they worked (they both are currently unemployed as far as I can tell), their downstairs TV gets so loud we can hear it upstairs in our bedroom, we caught the male looking in our windows, they tie their dog to our fence and leave him, and they bbq everyday and the smoke fills up our place. I just want peace, I want some amount of quiet and I just want to be able to do school work without this stress. Please tell me what we should do? I am trying not to hate them and do things like pounding on the wall or stomping but part of me wonders why we are going out of our way to be civil when they clearly are going out of their way to be rude. We have caught them with the baby outside at night when it was really cold and there is no reason to have a baby out at 11pm when its below 60. They genuinely seem crazy and clearly redneck racists so we worry about retaliation.

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