What are my chances of getting into Formula One?

What are my chances of getting into Formula One? Topic: What are my chances of getting into Formula One?
June 24, 2019 / By Phoenix

Question: Hello. I'm not saying I'm going to get into formula one or anything. (chances are I'm not but that doesn't mean I'm not going to try). So heres my story. Ive been obsessed with motor sport ever since I've been Four years old. I live in America, I am currently 13 years old (14 in January). I really don't know where to start. Ive am a HUGE formula one Fantec. Even if that means waking up at 3:00 Am on a school night just to watch practice, cause I do. My first time with a kart was at pole position raceway in las vegas, they have electric karts over there, i got in and i got the fastest lap by 4 seconds. I was really proud of my self even though we only had 10 Min's to drive them. But thats not the story. Anyway I had my very first karting race last summer, i signed up for a league at miller motor sports park. I was running late, it ment so much to me that when i knew we wouldn't make it in time I was crying in the car. so right when i got there I fortunately was able to race, but I missed practice so i had to qualify with little experience with a kart. It was my very first time operating a motorized vehicle, It was me and 2 other people who are really experianced with the karts and the track, they had gloves and racing shoes well i had my bare hands my skinny body and normal shoes. the first heat was 12 laps, i took to the track and got to know the karts a litttle. i got the second best lap. Heat two I got the fastest lap and the 3rd heat i got last due to me spinning out and getting gravel all over my seat really making me uncomfortable that my lap times wernt that great. The race was 20 laps, it was fun but I started last. within the first 15 laps i got overlapped by the other two. I didnt know it at the time but apperantly your soppoesed to lean in while turning to get better traction. is i now notice that they could corner a lot faster than me. i finished last (3rd) getting overlapped and getting last got me a bit disapointed in my self. I was full of anger in my veins and was frustrated with my self for getting last. I felt like i let myself down. Someone once said "I have failed many times.. and that is how I succed". I took that quote for granted and was glad that I learned from loosing. Because i will need it. My biggest idol is the great Ayrton Senna, but dont even get me started on that story. anyway Im more pattionate about motorsport that anyone else i personally know. Id rather die trying to get into it than not even try at all. It means the world for me. but i know i just cant say ill get into it then all of a sudden one day i will be a formula one driver.. it just doesnt work like that. I know you gotta climb up the ranks so heres my plan. Buy my own kart when I'm 16 and race In a proper karting league If I can afford all that (money doesnt grow in trees) If I have any sponsors and a good amount of money by the time im 18 im planning to move to england to get into the british formula ford series (i realize going to another contery all by my self will be very mentally challanging) if I do good in FF and still got money get into british Formula three. if i am somehow superhuman and have tons of money try to get into Gp2 (formula 2 is too expensive) Hopefully get a drive into the Young Drivers Test and get a seat with any team I can. But thats being generous. I dont want anything to come the easy way, i want to fight my way into Formula one IF i will ever get there. Im not even going to consider being a world champoin in formula one unless i ever get into it. I cant buy my way into it. i have to prove that im atleast good enough just to drive a f1 car. But for now Im not going to focus too much on FF or F3 or anything. My main focus is on karting. Thats my next step (hopefully) and I am not going to look at whats after but whats next. I know thers millions of other people JUST like my trying to get into f1 as well. There will always be someone better than me. I know that. I just think its worth a shot. Thats the end. It would mean a lot on what you think (please be honest.) THANK YOU for taking the time to read this. it means a lot! it really does, once again thanks!

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