Linux Mint 6.0 vs Linux openSUSE 11.1?

Linux Mint 6.0 vs Linux openSUSE 11.1? Topic: Linux Mint 6.0 vs Linux openSUSE 11.1?
June 18, 2019 / By Cole

Question: I'm a linux newbie and i can't decide which of these distributions is best for me. I'm considering mint since it has flash video enabled on it by default but i'm also considering SUSE since i hear it's easier to use and has more drivers readily available for usb devices. consider: I ran suse for a day with the live cd (the KDE) and i REALLY liked it. i just had trouble installing anything on it---the flash video plugin (like i said, i'm a newbie) so i went to mint (gnome) and though it doesn't have much eye-candy, it has the flash plug ins and it has very convenient GUI tools for installing programs (such as the package manager and the software manager). however i ran into issues when trying to install some of my usb devices since i really don't know my way around the linux terminal. which distribution do you guys recommend/prefer?

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