Help! Problem with swearing and kids? ?

Help! Problem with swearing and kids? ? Topic: Help! Problem with swearing and kids? ?
June 23, 2019 / By Anabelle

Question: i'm a tutor for kids age kindergarten-6th grade at a local library. most of them are in 3rd grade. i have the worst language, but i do try and tone it down. once, i said "P.O." as in, pissed off and f-ing [no explanation necessary.] these kids go home and tell their parents that i've been swearing, which is totally fine...except that i haven't. once, was just like, "f*ck," because i was TRYING to measure a clock for this kid (it wasn't working) whilst standing on a chair. well, this woman from my college's financial aid office [it's work study] called me at 8:02 this morning (thank God i was in would NOT have been a pretty site if she's had woken me up) to "set up an appointment" tomorrow re: my language. there has been some "e-mail communication" between pat [my direct supervisor] and these kids' parents. she apparently wants to hear my side, which i akin to, i'm getting fired ASAP. i don't know what to say, other than to apologize and swear it's never going to happen again. ignoring the fact that these kids even know the words in the first place so the real question is, why aren't you yelling at your kids' friends for cursing in third grade, i really am sorry and would rather not lose my job over abbreviated curse words. any suggestions? what should i say to her? thanks SO MUCH in advance!!!!

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