My brother passed away but why?

My brother passed away but why? Topic: My brother passed away but why?
June 24, 2019 / By Miriam

Question: My brother was 22 and happy had a great life he was in university, one year from graduationg then a drunk driver takes his life on january 20rd 2011. We are constantly having people over at our house but most of my family and friends don't live here (we are originally from palestine) so we are missing a lot of people but i want to kno why he died? and i heard usually when someone you love dies you can feel them around u or they come into your dream and talk to you but how come he hasent come into my dream yet? and i remember after his viewing i didnt feel alone in my room could that of been him? how could i find out if hes still around? Jacob: I would rather my mind trick me than facing the reality of living in a world without him :(

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