Web pages wont load and some redirect themselves?

Web pages wont load and some redirect themselves? Topic: Web pages wont load and some redirect themselves?
June 18, 2019 / By Corrina

Question: This began to happen recently, i dont understand why. I havent downloaded or installed any new programs. I have not made any changes to my computer either, just been using Microsoft word and media player. The web page either wont load and has (at the bottom of the screen, it shows "load/stopped/done etc" right?) "read gostats.com" at the bottom of the progress bar/loading bar. If i refresh it goes "stopped". If i go back then go to same link, i get same result despite repeated tries. Another thing is that web pages redirect themselves. I go back and go same link like 10 times before i get the page i want. I have scanned my computer using Norton, Malware and they all showed up with nothing. ANY help is appreciated, im beginning to get desperate =/ @ Doug: Ok, i did it for the HKEYCURRENTUSER and only found "AdobeUpdater" in that section. For HKEYLOCALMACHINE: i had "Optional Components" with 3 subfolders- IMAIL, MAPI, MSFS. For the addons, i only have java, flash, Virtus Search Opt-in 3.6.6, Norton IPS, Norton Toolbar, Microsoft. Net Framework Assistant 1.2.1. I checked admin tools and found nothing suspicious, just the standard stuff from other comps (compared it to my laptop which is running fine). And i update my norton every day i log on (it autoupdates itself daily). thanks heaps! :D

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