Did they rip me of? What to do?

Did they rip me of? What to do? Topic: Did they rip me of? What to do?
June 19, 2019 / By Alexandrea

Question: So a few weeks ago I had a nasty virus on my computer. I know next to nothing about computers (other than surfing the web and playing a game or two) so I took it to a nearby shop to get it fixed. One day later they call me saying they need to format the system and delete everything I had since the virus royally screwed the CPU or whatever. They also told me the motherboard was in very bad shape, that I COULD leave it alone for now as it still works but sooner or later the thing would start causing trouble and since they were already formatting the system they could go ahead and put in a new motherboard, for an additional fee. Two days later they call me saying the PC was ready and I went to pick it up, with a wallet 150 bucks lighter. I set my PC up like before and start installing programs I had previously, a pain but my fault for getting the virus right? Anyway as I put everything back as it was I notice my mouse pointer is weird, it slows down from time to time and sometimes it stops responding for a few seconds. I ignored it since it could have been because of me installing the programs and kept going. I also noticed the graphic quality, even at its best and even in the desktop seems a bit worst, again I ignored it, thinking it was just my imagination. Not to mention the fact that the PC used to run smooth and quietly and now it makes one hell of a noise while on. Then I notices, games I used to play just perfectly get heavy frame rate drops, freeze and even crash. Programs I used to run perfectly now run rather slow and the PC slows down a lot too. Now I'm left wandering if they ripped me off, the computer used to work perfectly but now it's totally sluggish and I haven't even installed half the programs it had before. Currently it has a G31M-S R2.0 motherboard, I don't know what it had before but I'm using an Aspire M3641 and from what I gather online it uses a MCP73PV or something. Someone please help me (or atleast tell me I'm not crazy) because this is pretty damn annoying as it stands.

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