A steel tape measure has been calibrated at 250C?

A steel tape measure has been calibrated at 250C? Topic: A steel tape measure has been calibrated at 250C?
June 19, 2019 / By Jerred

Question: Question 1 A steel tape measure has been calibrated at 250C. If the tape measure is used to measure a length of plastic pipe when the outside temperature is 150C, the measurement will be: lower higher accurate length measure is needed to answer Question 2 The coefficient of thermal expansion for iron is 12*10-6/Co. What is the change in length of a 2-meter iron rod when its temperature changes by 100oC? 0.0024 cm 0.24 m 0.0024 m 0.024 m Question 3 One end of an iron rod is placed in a fire where the temperature 502°C, and the other end is kept at a temperature of 26°C. The rod is 1.2 m long and has a radius of 5.0 × 10-3 m. Thermal conductivity of iron is 79 J/(s.m.C0). Find the cross-sectional area of the rod. 7.85 m2 2.5 m2 7.85 ×10-5 m2 2.5 ×10-5 m2 Question 4 Refer to the problem above. Ignoring the heat loss along the length of the rod, find the amount of heat conducted from one end of the rod to the other in 5.0 s. 12 J 10 J 8 J 6 J Question 5 Radiant energy is proportional to: T T2 T3 T4 Question 6 ___________________________ cannot take place through vacuum. Conduction and convection Convection and radiation Conduction and radiation Conduction, convection, and radiation Question 7 What is the outside temperature if 2.5*106 J of heat is lost through 4.0 m2 of 3-cm thick glass (k = 0.8 J/smK) in one hour from a house kept at 20oC? 5.50 7.50 9.50 11.50 13.50 Question 8 An aluminum wire with a thermal conductivity of 205 J/(msK) has a cross-sectional area of 2.88*10-6 m2. After 1 hour, the heat transferred down its length is 42.1 J. If the difference in temperature of the ends of the wire is 405 K, what is the length of the wire? 176 m 2.66 m 20.4 m 5.68*10-3 m Question 9 A steel beam has a length of 25 m on a cold day when the temperature is 0 oC. What is the length of the beam on a hot day when T = 40oC? (= 1.1*10-5/oC) 25.00044 m 25.0044 m 25.011 m 25.044 m Question 10 A glass pane 0.004 m thick has an area of 2 m2. On a winter day the temperature difference between the inside and the outside surfaces of the pane is 20oC. What is the rate of heat flow through this window? (Thermal conductivity for glass is 0.8 J/s-m-oC.) 32,000 J/s 8,000 J/s 4,000 J/s 1,000 J/s

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