Sentencing in Murder Trials.?

Sentencing in Murder Trials.? Topic: Sentencing in Murder Trials.?
June 24, 2019 / By Arin

Question: I was watching a show on the Discovery Channel a few days ago called "The Cold Case Files", I'm totally addicted. Any who, there was this man, 22 years old, he raped 2 women, killed them and then killed a 60 something year old man. After his trial was said and done he got 40 years to life in prison, with parole!! I watched another show where a woman killed her husband after years of physical and verbal abuse and she got life sentence with no parole. I'm not saying either person isn't guilty of committing a horrible crime of taking another person's life, but it bumfuzzles me how a man that's killed 3 people can get such a lighter sentence than a woman who has killed because she was slowly being killed.

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