Can I sue for child support?

Can I sue for child support? Topic: Can I sue for child support?
June 19, 2019 / By Vivian

Question: My ex owes 13k on Child Support. We have a court order in which it states he has to pay $276 plus 200 in arrears which totals 476. In the past 10 years he has not been constant in the payments. He pays $40 one month then $100 every other month. He hasnt seen my kids in almost 2 years, and when I ask the boys a 10 and 13 year old if they wan to see their dad, they tell me no because they barely know him. We have gone to court for enforcement four times and every time nothing gets done. the couple months after court he pays the regular amount but later he goes back to paying way less. Sep 27 we had the lastest court appearance and when I told the judge about his unconstant payments, she told me “ma’am he is trying to pay, Give him a chance”. I was appalled, after 10 years, isn’t that enough “chance” to pay. I know he can pay the amount, he is just refusing. I know for a fact because he goes on trips to Disneyland every year, he drives a 2016 sports car and he just remolded his house into a two story house. His father owns a tile company and my ex works for him. Also, my ex supposedly gets paid from his work in cash. So If I were to hire a lawyer Would I Be able to sue him for the arrears?

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