Do stereotypes annoy anyone besides me?

Do stereotypes annoy anyone besides me? Topic: Do stereotypes annoy anyone besides me?
June 19, 2019 / By Molly

Question: I was driving along in my town when I came to a well-known merge/bottlneck where one lane ends and the speed limit simultaneously drops form 45 to 30. I was all ready in the left lane (having anticipated this merge well in advance) and the right lane ended, no problems... Until out of nowhere a car started gunning it down the emergency lane/my lane ( the right lane which all ready ended) almost colliding with the right side of my car. Because this is such a bad bottleneck, there was very little room between me and the car in front of me, and we were travelling at 30, so when the car gunned and cut me off (going about 50), they ended up almost hitting both me and the car ahead. And promptly had to slam on their brakes to avoid rear-ending the car in front, which caused a chain reaction through traffic (including the car that had merged behind me almost rear-ending me because I had to slam my brakes on). I honked and they flipped me off. What was the race/sex of that driver? What if I give you more details? The person was a college-aged person, driving a new Mitsubishi Lancer slightly customized. They were about 5'0" and could barely see over the stearing wheel of their car. This person was wearing very thick glasses, and was somewhat buck-toothed. They had 4 passengers (5 people total in the car) that included both males and females. One was fooling around with a digital camera, and 2 of them were text-messaging on very nice cell-phones. They were all of the same age group and race. At least 3 of the 5 had glasses. All were dressed VERY trendy. Can you guess the race and gender of this driver? Why do people insist on fulfilling stereotypes... especially the ones that are stupid? I'll give you some more details to see if it helps your guess. If you are wondering why I know so many details about the driver and passengers, it is that (having only one lane) I ended up behind them for about 4 miles. Since I was following them (not on purpose at first, it is just the only main street through town, and only has 1 lane) so I got to observe what was going on. Also, when they finally pulled off the road into a state-park, I decided to pull in behind them and check them out a little more. It was just like a car-load of walking stereotypes, and it made me want to puke. I rolled down my window and yelled "there is a reason why people think Asians and women can't drive", and went to pull out of the parking lot. This chick (and her Asian-gang) were apparently so pissed about it, that she came running after my car as I sat at the light, waiting to turn back onto the road. She was screaming "don't start on some racist sh/t with me! Get an education, you ignorant..." And when she got to the car window and saw me, she had to stop, she was a little shocked. What gender and race do you think I am? First to guess correctly gets Best Answer.

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