Download .html and .cgi pages?

Download .html and .cgi pages? Topic: Download .html and .cgi pages?
June 18, 2019 / By Harper

Question: I would like to save copies of threads from a forum which has .html and .cgi pages. I could use perl utility wget, and while I am aware there is a windows version I reviewed the 12 steps to make the utility possible and don't consider it "user friendly". Nor do I want to install linux and use wget from a linux box. In the past I have used freeware programs and they were cumbersome and didn't target the files I asked for. Because these threads are in .html and .cgi (perl 5) and I do not have access to a webserver in order to use PHP/Curl commans fopen() fgets() file() http_get() and so forth. I tried to create a .bat and .cmd file with those tags and it just flashed a cmd screen. Because these threads are a flat file database I'd like to use a kiddie script without going so far as to compile and later install the program. Also I don't have access to a webserver either. Been searching for answers for weeks and I am far more confused than when I started. That's odd because with the freeware program I was able to download .cgi files, not always the files I wanted to download. *sigh* Colanth & Schimdty, Any chance either of you can answer the question? I don't want to use a freeware program to download the [b] WEB PAGES [/b] because I inadertingly downloaded system files, private messages, and Log files with MD5 hashes that can be converted to plain text passwords. I tried to use a screenscraper to yank the html but on the cgi pages it again downloaded (saved) sensitive information. If you cannot provide possible solutions why bother responding? I want to target specific pages in order to bypass file structures which link to system files. Martinth, Rather aggressive with no actual constructive suggestions. I have been searching for weeks. A earlier half of this .html forum with a flat file database has been put up in internet archive. But the html tags on the thread pages are the same but sitting on a UBB.classic forum with .cgi extentions which explains the need for perl. UBB won't help with converters unless you upgrade to UBB.threads. I noted I could use a window's version of wget in 12 not so simple steps: And here he is a somewhat plausable VBScript for the task: And the option of looking into a converter which will take ubb.classic threads and convert them into phpbb. I have asked on numerous forums over the last few weeks and no sucessful converters have surfaced. So how about some viable options? Any clearer now?

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