Do you see it or am I crazy?

Do you see it or am I crazy? Topic: Do you see it or am I crazy?
June 24, 2019 / By Silver

Question: Does anyone see this line? It is darker when I look at it. Kind of hard to get great pictures with a camera phone. Anyways...2 days ago I took a couple New Choice tests because I'm 2 weeks late and sick of wasting money on expensive tests. Well, they both came back very positive...very fast. So yesterday I went in and bought a big handful to ease my mind. 4 came up positive. These are pink lines. They come up right waiting. Went to the doc today and my urine test was negative. Came home...did another test...positive. What gives?? I know...too many tests. But I'm so anxious to know I can't help myself. So, I just wondered if anyone else see's this line too or if this has happened to you?? Thanks...and judgement or rude answers. I have enough going on right now. Thanks a ton!! [IMG] P.S. They did draw blood for a blood test but I won't know til Mon. or Tues. Yes, it's to the left of the arrows. When I opened the pic for editing, it was so big on my screen it was hard for me to get it just right.

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